Creative Ways to Promote Your Crafts on Instagram

With Instagram's focus on visuals and its billion-strong user base, it's the perfect platform to promote your crafts. The photo-sharing app is quickly redefining the way consumers discover and purchase products, and many businesses are taking advantage.

We've listed some creative ways to help you promote your crafts on Instagram.

1. Share Your Process

Aside from posting photos of your final products, it's also helpful to show your audience the process and hard work that goes behind them. This will differentiate your products from those sold in department stores or bigger companies that are produced in bulk and potentially sold at lower prices.


@bookhou embroidery process video

Image Source: @bookhou

Punch needler Arounna Khounnoraj (@bookhou) regularly posts clips of her creative process. Arounna even shares the types of materials she uses, where she buys them, and the technique she's using to create specific designs.

More than just focusing on selling her products, she uses Instagram as a platform to inspire others to get into punch needling. Even if your objective is to promote your products on Instagram, it's important to go back to your roots as a creative.

Show your audience that you actually love what you're doing and have purpose and passion behind your designs. This way, audiences will be able to connect with you better and really set you apart from other crafters and brands.

2. Tell Your Story

What got you into your craft? You'd be surprised to know that people are interested in your story. Customers today are looking for brands they can have an emotional connection with. Telling your story can help you build a community around your brand, transforming mere customers into loyal followers.


@farmandfolk share the story behind one of their quilt creations

Image Source: @farmandfolk

Sara Buscaglia, a farmer who creates beautiful heirloom quilts using natural dyes, has over 53 thousand followers on her Instagram account @farmandfolk. While her stunning photos can stand on their own and get likes, what makes her shine is the way she takes time to share the story about each of her pieces.

People on Instagram don't want to be sold to.

And while setting up ads is definitely still important, you don't want to disrupt someone's browsing experience with hard-sell marketing. Stories are a subtle way to market your brand and capture your audience's attention.

Besides, without your story, what makes your brand unique?

Use Instagram's generous caption limit to tell it.

3. Change Up Your Feed

Think of Instagram as your creative outlet. Instead of just posting photos of your products, change your feed up by taking a snapshot of your work desk, an inspirational quote, or a colourful building that reminds you of your work.

If you focus too much on selling your crafts, your Instagram feed will become boring and predictable.

The colourful Insta feed of @ettavee is much more than just a product showcase

Image Source: @ettavee

Artist living in France, Jessi (@ettavee), is known for her bright and colourful style, which is easily captured at one glance of her Instagram profile. While she does post a lot of photos of her work, she regularly includes shots of beautiful things that reflect her personality and sense of style.

Your feed should reflect you as an artist. Don't be limited to posting your crafts, or you'll easily run out of content.

It's also helpful to experiment with different mediums. Instagram allows you to post photos, long-form videos, short clips, and so much more - try them all! Use photo editing apps like Instasize to help you spice up your content. Choose from a variety of curated fonts, borders, and effects that can transform your content in a tap.

4. Don't Stick to the Obvious

Feature your work in all kinds of ways - think out of the box! For example, if you specialise in scarves, the typical way to capture your product is around someone's neck. However, any creative knows that a scarf could be so many things. It could be tied around your handbag for a pop of colour, worn as a hairband, and it even works as an accessory for your pet!


This sticker-covered selfie on @lovepipsticks showcases their products in a unique way

Image Source: @lovepipsticks

Who says stickers were only meant for stationery?

Pipsticks Sticker Club shows how their stickers can be worn and stuck on all kinds of things. By imagining your product worn and used beyond the conventional way, you can inspire your customers to get creative. Thinking beyond the conventional is also a great technique that can help you brainstorm more products and designs.

Get Started

With these tips in hand, you're now ready for your first post!

But before you get excited to see your follower count growing, remember that anything of value takes time. Rather than focusing on numbers, allow yourself to have fun. Nurture your relationships with the followers you have, and you'll soon get there.

Words by:
Instasize SEO Outreach Manager, Denise

Denise Langenegger

Denise Langenegger is part of the team at Instasize - a content creating tool kit for anyone editing photos and online content on mobile. Follow @instasize.official

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