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Creating a Storefront

How do I create a store?

Once you have registered you will find the "Start Selling" link in your My MadeIt. Clicking this will start the process of setting up your store on Made It.

You will be required to put the following information in to set up your store - Store Title, Short Description, Store Policies and About information.

You also have the options of adding a store banner and a store announcement that appears under your banner.

What's the difference from my Username & Store Title?

Your username is your store title with no spaces that appears on all of your listings and under the thumbnails in the categories. Your store title can be the same as your username or it can have spaces or be a longer versions of your username.

You are able to change your username via your account details.

What is the Short Description?

The short description is a sentence or tagline about your store which will appear on stores search page.

What should I include in my Store Policies page?

This page is where you should explain your Payment, Postage, Refund and Exchange Policies. Try and add as much information to this page as possible so that the buyer is aware of your policies before making a purchase.

What should I include in my About page?

Made It buyers love hearing the story behind our sellers and their items, the about page is a great way of telling your story to the buyer.

What is the recommended banner size & file format?

The banner size for your store is 735px wide x 155px high. If you upload are larger image it will be cropped to 735px x 155px.

File formats accepted gif, jpg and png.

I am trying to upload my banner but nothing seems to be happening?

Your banner file size may be too large or you are trying to upload a file that is not a jpg, gif or png.

Please resize your banner and ensure it fits in the guidelines above. If you are still having problems please email the banner file to support@madeit.com.au.

Why would I use the store announcement?

The store announcement is a space under your banner where you could welcome your buyer, announce a sale or news about your store.

Can I edit this information at any time?

Yes once you have completed the start selling page and clicked saved you will be able to to edit any of this info from the "Store Information" link

What is my store web address?

Your store web address will be www.madeit.com.au/username

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