Wall Art - Fluid Art/Resin Mixed Media

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When making this piece, I had in mind the magical red centre of Australia. With its ancient rocky outcrops, dry river beds, and the red sandy desert, it has Australia in its heart, as it is in mine. 

Before painting, I formed the ridges using muslin, and then used a mixture of acrylic paints and rich mica pigments over the textured landscape. Then I used that same combination to create a riverbed. 

Once dried, several layers of Pure Glass resin was applied until I felt satisfied with the result. 

This is a very unique piece, the base is timber measuring 40cm x 30cm. 

No fixings are attached as it can be displayed vertically or horizontally. It is very light. 

The beauty of Fluid Art is that it is almost impossible to replicate a design. Any piece you choose will be a totally unique and a one of a kind. 

This artwork is handmade by me, with care, however there may be minor imperfections. (I don’t hide the flaws, rather celebrate them as being as part of the creative process) 

Please contact me if you have any questions concerning this or any of my art. 

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