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This gorgeous necklace holds a 30x22mm cameo of a skeleton lady figurehead. The cording is 100% waxed polyester in the colour Cherry Black, with 1mm thickness. The stones are: Black Onyx beads in 6mm thickness.

All necklaces have adjustable clasps not shown in photos.

Based on one of Tim Burton's animated classics "The Corpse Bride", this necklace is inspired by the incredibly sweet character of Victoria Everglot. When we are introduced to her, she is wearing a beautiful, stripey Edwardian dress that has both brown and dark red/ almost black tints to them. Every time I see her in this dress, it almost seems like you are specifically looking at an old black and brown photo or moving picture from the very early days. The colour of the cord represents the darker part of the stripes of the dress, and the onyx represents the buttons on her jacket. This is an exquisite statement piece that will also be a staple in your jewellery collection. It has a softer edge to it and one that I believe Victoria would approve of as well.

Black Onyx:
The noble Onyx is a most ancient stone, known and utilised by even the earliest civilisations for its powerful energy and sombre beauty. This crystal is a stone of happiness, good fotune, strength and thought to bring balance and self-control. It is very good for people under extreme emotional or mental stress. It connects you with the realm of the night, where your true self can be found. Onyx is also a stone of protection, and its purpose is to help prevent the drain of personal energy; while at the same time absorbing and transforming negative energy. Black Onyx is associated with the base chakra and grounding in crystal healing.

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