STOMA BAG COVER LARGE Suitable for Ileostomy, Colostomy, Urostomy

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LARGE SIZE COVER – 24cm long

Suitable for the following bags -

Eakin Pelican Standard and Maxi Closed & Drainable

Eakin Dot Standard and Maxi Closed & Drainable

Hollister Moderma Flex Maxi Closed Drainable & Uro

Salts Confidence Standard Closed & Drainable

Coloplast Sensura Mio Maxi Closed, Drainable & Uro

Mio Click Maxi Closed & Drainable

Mio Flex Maxi Closed & Drainable

Welland Aurum Plus Maxi

Welland Aurum Profile/Convex/Flat Maxi Closed,

Drainable & Uro

Dansac Novalife TRE Maxi Closed & Drainable

100% cotton, machine washable, easy care

Provides a soft barrier between bag and skin

Cooling in hot weather and great for sensitive skin

Designed by a Stoma Therapy Nurse for a perfect fit.

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