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These are 4 pieces that are beautiful on their own, in pairs or all 4 pieces.

Hanging on driftwood these silk artworks move in the breeze
just as the gum leaves do on the tree.

This artwork captures the essence of a majestic gum tree in my neighbourhood. The delicate, flowing fabric mimics the tree's graceful branches, swaying in the breeze. The brushwork, the use of wax resists and steam setting between layers of vibrant colours breathe life into the foliage and nature's intricate beauty.

Through this artwork, the gum trees resilience and connection with its surroundings, reminding us of the harmony between urban life and the natural world, all encapsulated within the silk canvas.

Artwork 1 and 2 are 63 x 76 cm and the driftwood is approx 80cm long

Artwork 3 and 4 are 37 x 52 cm and the driftwood is approx 50 cm long

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