Meditation Art - Shri Yantra- 43cm x 33cm-Hand drawn with traditional colours

Made by Nanas Room

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The Queen of Yantras: The Shri YantraThe Shri Yantra, called the “queen of yantras,” (rajayantra) is the symbol of the great divine mother principle, the source of all energy, power, and creativity. Vedic traditions, specifically the Shri Vidya school of tantra, regard the design as the representation of the universe as well as the body of the goddess related to the feminine principle of shakti or energy. Every line, triangle, and lotus petal symbolizes a specific type of shakti.Shri Yantra Gazing MeditationThere are any number of Shri Yantras meditations, but one very direct way to bring the geometry into one’s consciousness is with a gazing method. This technique is used with many sacred symbols.Sit comfortably in a position that allows you to remain alert. Have your Shri Yantra image on hand as well as your blank white surface. If using a white wall, be sure you have a clear view.Set the timer for five minutes and begin gazing at the yantra image. Keep the gaze soft — let the eyes relax and passively allow the image to enter the visual awareness.Stay focused on the image. If the mind wanders, bring it back without judgement or reactivity.When five minutes are over, immediately move the gaze to the blank white surface. Allow the afterimage to take form — colours will be reversed, i.e. black to white. Keep gazing at the afterimage as long as you can see it. When it fades, close your eyes, and allow any remaining afterimage to emerge. Keep your attention on it until it completely fades.Repeat as many times as you like. Try doing the practice for 30-days and find out what happens to life under the influence of the Shri Yantra.

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