Puppy Fluffy Puff Keyring

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Very cute keyrings featuring fluffy puppy heads, floppy puppy ears and wiggly tails at the back.
They are made with lovely thick fur, embroidered snouts, plastic eyes and felt ears and tails.
Each puppy has a swivel lobster clasp securely attached from the top of the head.
The plastic eyes are screwed and clipped in place and are not removable.
They are stuffed with fibrefill to keep them hugable.
The puppy heads measure approximately 10cm (3 inch) depending on the thickness of the fur.
Gentle handwash and allow for the stuffing to dry completely.
There are 3 adorable puppies to choose from:
- White fur (short), green eyes with white ears and tail
- Cream fur (long), green eyes with brown ears and tail
- Brown fur (long), hazel eyes with brown ears and tail
One of each available.

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