Pine Tar Soap - pack of 4 bars.

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Stockholm Tar is 100% Swedish Pine Tar known for its mild antiseptic qualities. It has been used for centuries to treat many skin conditions from nappy rash to eczema and found in many skin care products.

I have included 20% of pure pine tar to my favourite tallow soap recipe and the result is a lovely smooth, gentle soap with a bold scent of woody campfire. 

This listing is for a pack of 4 Pine Tar Soaps including one of each of the following-
1. Pine Tar with Bay Rum and Rosemary essential oils.
2. Pine Tar with Lemongrass essential oil.
3. Pine Tar with Aniseed essential oil.
4. Pine Tar with Cedarwood and Tea tree essential oils. 

Ingredients: tallow, olive oil, coconut oil, pine tar, rice bran oil, filtered rainwater, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, essential oils.
No artificial colourants or fragrance. 

Weight 120 grams per bar. 

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