Pine Needle Basket “Kingscliff Beach”

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This intricate basket is handwoven using hundreds of cured long leaf Himalayan Chir Pine needles (Pinus roxburghii) which I collected from fallen branches in the Botanical Gardens after a big storm. Although a little finer to work with than other pine needles I usually use, I love the softer golden colour they dry to. Reddish brown pine needles which I have been curing in the warm Queensland sun for several months, have also been used as I wove up the walls, to give the basket a sunburst effect.
This basket is stitched together with different shades of tan, yellow ochre, and brown sinew, with the addition of brown Picasso seed beads. Woven in the centre of this basket is a big piece of sliced and polished agate, which reminds me of Kingscliff beach on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Coils are wrapped in two different shades of pastel green sinew, the shades of the grasses at Kingy.  Woven around the rim, is the addition of my own handmade Lumina Porcelain strawberry leaf beads. 
A tribute basket to my favourite coastal beach town on the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia.
Although delicate, it has been sealed with beeswax and clear lacquer for durability and comes with a hemp hook so it can also hang on the wall.
Dimensions 9cm tall x 29cm diameter (3.5” tall x 11.4” wide).
Centre stone dimensions 8cm tall x 9cm wide (3.2” tall x 3.5” wide).
6-8 weeks in the making and estimating a minimum of 60-80 hours of work to complete, just to give you an idea of how much time was involved in weaving this basket.

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