Original 3D Shibori Wall Art bY HaND Canvas “Belize”

Made by KumoIndigo

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Original Shibori Wall Art bY HaND 
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Hand dyed & painted utilising traditional shibori techniques, mixed medium original canvas artwork.  

Kumo bound and manipulated textile of hand loomed, pure fine linen to create a magical piece of Art bY HaND for your home. 

All creations are air dried in the beautiful fresh, sea breeze of Moreton Bay, Qld with the beach on our back doorstep. 

•  3D Artwork
•  100% handloomed fine linen
•  40cm x 50cm gallery edge canvas 
•  Sealed
•  Acrylic
•  Indigo & Fabric Pigment

About this piece:

“Belize” is inspired by the reef restoration work in Belize five years after Hurricane Iris hit and decimated the reef, she lay bare. There were few live corals, schools of fish or lobsters, and the seabed was covered in reef rubble and encrusting sponges. 

The reef restoration work in Belize is unique because it focuses on shallow reefs – the kind that helps protect coasts, and now 15yrs on the coral reef at Laughing Bird Caye National Park, which was once a rubble graveyard, is now bursting with life. 

Staghorn and elkhorn corals are again covering the seafloor, spawning and providing refuge to numerous species. Giant lobsters, crabs, eagle rays and sea turtles, which were abundant prior to the hurricane, now roam around the reef. Schools of parrotfish and surgeon fish have also returned and graze the algae so corals can spread out even more.

We can only hope to see this kind of success across all of our Oceans in years to come 🙌

💙 Michaela xx

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