Needle felted frogpond, soft sculpture, poseable fairy, felt turtle, Waldorf

Made by ConchyGemDolls

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Needle felted Waldorf frog pond soft sculpture with green tree frog, turtle and fairy playing in a wet rainforest habitat. Listen carefully - there are little creatures afoot...The soft sculpture frogpond is needle felted with mohair and roving measuring 5.5 in (14cm) long Frog,turtle and fairy are needle felted over a wire armature and can be posed gently. The animal eyes are glass beads glued in place.Made to order art dolls, animals and birds are available from this shop. Please note: While this soft creation is sturdily made - it is not meant to be used as a toy or by children under 5 or any little creatures who like to chew.Thank you for visiting and please come by again. Enquiries most welcome

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