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Natural Woman Herbal Shampoo is made with an infusion of Nettle and Rooibos Herbs. Nettle leaves are rich in Silica and Sulphur which helps in hair regrowth, making hair healthy and shiny. Rooibos (AKA Red Tea) is enriched with zinc, copper, potassium, and calcium which all promotes hair growth and strengthening. Copper can assist to prevent premature greying of hair, while the anti-inflammatory agents of Red Tea can help to soothe the scalp and fight dandruff. Included is wheat protein which strengthens, protects, and smooths the hair shaft. Other ingredients are mild surfactants (surface-activating-agents which provide the lather necessary for washing) Crodasinic, Coco Betain and Glyceryl Cocoate. Last, but not least is Essential Oil of Rosemary which aids in promoting hair strength and regrowth. Customers often comment that this shampoo cleans without stripping the natural oils, rinses out well and does not leave a residue. It is recommended that cool water is used when washing and rinsing your hair as cool water closes the hair cuticles and pores in the scalp. This process adds lustre and shine to the hair as the cuticles on the hair shaft have closed. Natural Woman Products are hand-made with more than 20 years of experience. This is your assurance of quality and customer satisfaction.Vegan Friendly Product

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