Natural Fibre Soap Saver Bag with Handmade Tag, Exfoliating Soap Pouch, Zero Waste Soap Bag

Made by BathBodyBliss

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Soap saver bags are a great way to help reduce waste, by using up all the little soap pieces which are getting too small for easy use, but still too nice to toss away.

Simply pop your soap bar (or your little pieces of leftover soap) into the bag & pull the drawstring tight, then wet the filled bag with your warm shower or bath water, and use it like a washcloth, loofah or sponge. Perfect to cleanse, massage and exfoliate your skin in the shower or bath.

The natural fibre bag helps create loads of lovely soapy bubbles, and will gently massage & exfoliate your skin as you wash.

Great also to use with shampoo bars, the loads of lovely bubbles will wash your hair clean.

After use just hang the filled bag from your shower or tap & allow it to drip dry – this will help extend the life of the soap inside, and let it dry ready for the next use.

Eco-Friendly soap saver bags can be washed and re-used many times over, and are biodegradable and compostable when they become too worn out to use again.

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