Make your own Lemon Slice Earrings - DIY Craft Kit & How to video

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I wanted to share the fun of creating :) In this handmade kit, you'll get to make your own pair of lemon slice earrings - starting from colouring, to cutting, to baking, to assembling your very own pair to be proud of!

I've included a hand-drawn template to trace, but depending on how you colour it in, you can make these earrings into lemons, oranges, lime, or grapefruit. (Or maybe you'll draw your favourite something else entirely!)

1x Kit includes:
* Link to the making video ;-)
* Link to step-by-step instructions with photos for each step
* Frosted shrink art plastic sheet - enough to make 2 lemon charms + some extra for practice
* A template of a lemon slice to trace
* 2 hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel ear wires
* 2 leaf charms
* 2 jump rings
* 2 long eye pins

You'll also need your own:
* Coloured pencils or markers
* A pair of scissors
* Oven or hot sandwich press (to bake the charm)
* Baking paper & foil or tray
* Winter gloves (to protect your hands from heat)
* Pliers (to assemble the earrings)

The shrink plastic included is pre-sanded / frosted, which means you can use coloured pencils or crayons or textas. Unlike non-sanded plastic, your colour options won't be limited to, for example, bold-coloured permanent markers.

Unlike my finished earrings, this kit will be sent without tracking.

When I make these for leisure, I get about 45 minutes of fun :) To get a quick 15 second preview of how you'll be creating these, take a look at my instagram reel

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