Macrame Family Doll

Made by Studio Carmen Z

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Lovely Macrame Doll by Studio Carmen Z👩‍👦
Free shipping with in Australia 

This cute macrame family dolls frame is available in my store “Made It” Store!!!  

Macramé family dolls in a frame can be personalized with family members, the value will be calculated according to each item added, the value of the frame(size) will be recalculated if it is a large family so that I can accommodate everyone. At the moment my frame stock holds 3 members 👨‍👩‍👧 

I will do my best to meet your demand in a short time. 

If you want a frame with your friends, I can do it too! 

Some details require more work (glasses, beard, hat, pets  etc) I may not do everything but I will do my best! Hair color is difficult to find the exact shade, I have black, dark brown, light brown, gray, pink and lilac. Blonde hair is difficult to find the tone, I can do it with the color yellow.

 DM for more information! 

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