It's the Little Things - Beaded Heart

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It’s the Little Things that allows us to take moment of reflection and to appreciate the precious moments that are stored in our heart. 

This creative piece allows us to celebrate and commemorate our joys and achievements, our fulfilled hopes, our dreams and goals, all the good things, and all that is true and most precious to us. 

Like a musical instrument that can play a tune that immediately connects us to the best memories of our lives, these strings and their tune, are represented in this art form.  

Each individually handmade paper bead has been thoughtfully placed and beholds a precious moment, thought, event or occasion that is unique to us. 

Some beads are colourful, others are muted, some are alone and perhaps represent a single second in time that has changed our life in a positive way, even by one degree. 

Some are embraced together by colour or contrast, in memory of an event that has been celebrated and enjoyed with many others around us.  

The wooden beads propose an outline to the heart and give shape and anticipation as this heart is not yet fully filled but has much more to do, to see, to feel and to understand. 

These natural and untreated wooden beads allow for each string or our heart to remain weighted and keep the layers of our lives in their place. 

The wooden beads sure up, and steady the heart so that it can remain ready and confident to continue to grow and remain true to itself and it's own shape.

The plaited strings remind us that we are not alone but held together by those that are around us, our family and our friends. 

It also embraces even those we have loved even, just in the hope of more, or from a distance, as the are represented here because they directly and indirectly are a part of our strength and courage in our journey, and a part of the good things in our life. 

Because, in the end it is the little things that matter the mostIt is the little things that when we stand back and look at our lives that are generally also the good things that we are so very thankful for, and that make us all that we are and are yet to become.

I hope that this piece of art really speaks to your heart and finds a special place in your home.

Length - 140 cm
Width - 34 cm
Number of hand made paper beads - 140 minimum
Number of natural wooden beads - 160 minimum

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