Hikari Woodglass Jewelry Series : Japanese Fabric Wooden Earrings with Sea Glass (Small for Elegance)

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Japanese Fabric Earrings with Seaglass (Small for Elegance)

Elevate your style with our exquisite Round Seaglass & Japanese Fabric Earrings, a perfect blend of natural elegance and artisanal craftsmanship. These stunning earrings feature a unique design that captures the essence of the sea and the beauty of Japanese textiles.

Design & Materials:

  • Seaglass Centerpiece: At the heart of each earring is a carefully selected piece of seaglass, suspended within a round wooden base. The hole at the top of the wooden circle allows light to shine through the seaglass, creating a mesmerizing glow that enhances the natural beauty of the glass.

  • Japanese Fabric Overlay: The wooden base of the earrings is meticulously covered on both sides with authentic Japanese fabric, showcasing intricate patterns and vibrant colors. This fabric adds a touch of sophistication and cultural heritage, making each pair a unique work of art.


  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each pair of earrings is handcrafted with attention to detail. The combination of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship results in a truly distinctive accessory.

  • Lightweight Comfort: Despite their bold appearance, these earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

  • Versatile Elegance: The harmonious blend of seaglass and Japanese fabric makes these earrings a versatile addition to any wardrobe, effortlessly complementing both casual and formal outfits.


  • Earring Diameter: 3 cm

Why You'll Love Them:

  • Unique Aesthetic: The interplay of seaglass and Japanese fabric creates a beautiful and unusual design that stands out.

  • Natural & Sustainable: Crafted from natural materials, these earrings are an eco-friendly choice for the conscious consumer.

  • Perfect Gift: Whether for yourself or a loved one, these earrings make a thoughtful and stylish gift that carries a touch of nature and tradition.

Embrace the allure of the sea and the elegance of Japanese artistry with our Hikari Woodglass Jewelry. Order yours today and add a touch of timeless beauty to your jewelry collection.

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