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Unique one-off - Realistic Style  - hand-drawn digital illustration. Realistic Style gives you: Individual fur detailsEyes inclusions (where eyes are visible) - depending quality of the reference photo


Short-haired breed: Staffies, fox terriers, Jack Russels, greyhounds

Medium-haired breed: German Shepherds, Labradors, Kelpies, HeelersLong-haired /curly-haired breed: Poodles, Maltese

BASED ON COAT PATTERNSClear Colour Separation: Single, Bi, Tri-colour, Tuxedo, Harlequin, SaddleMixed Colours: Merle, Spotted, Flecked, Brindle, SableGradient backgrounds are included with the coat.

Additional costs apply for a more detailed background and pet tag.

Send me:
- some clear photos
- a title for the illustration (optional)

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