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Thursday Night Makes the square heat bag that can sit on your shoulder or just as easily be used on your foot or ankle, it will mold into shape to comfort those achy joints or sore tummy.
As well as being able to be heated you can also pop it in the freezer and cool it for that muscle strain or sports niggle.

Instructions for heating-
* heat flat in a microwave for 20 second bursts
* heat for a maximum of 1 minute
* each time moving the rice around to distribute the heat evenly

Instructions for cooling-
* place in a fridge or freezer till the desired coolness is reached
* we don't recommend that it is frozen solid as this will then cause moisture when the pack comes back to room temperature
-fabric is 100% cotton and lined with calico to retain the warmth and coolness

-bag is filled to aprox 500gms in weight
-filling is long grain rice which gives a great overall heat without an odour
-size is 18cm x 18cm

Postage includes tracking.

All care is taken but please be aware that slight variations in color may occur when photographing, any concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

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