Handmade Ceramic Cover Pot - Black and Blue Neptune Glaze

Made by For My Planties

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Colour Description

The pot pictured here is the exact vase you will receive. 

Outside:  Sweeps of black, deep blue, indigo, warm white and silver glitter alternate over the entirety of the piece. 

Inside: Solid glossy black

Product Description

Cover pot with no drainage hole, to fit 100mm growers pot, includes 1 x 100mm growers pot!

Width - 12.5-13cm approx.
Height - 12.5-13cm approx.

A cover pot is a decorative pot, used to cover the (less visually appealing) plastic pots that plants normally come in - also known as nursery pots or grower’s pots. These come in standard sizes, and allow you to keep your favourite planties, planted directly into the grower’s pot, instead of planting them directly into a ceramic decorative pot. Once your plant is in the grower’s pot, you then place the growers pot into the cover pot. Now you have an aesthetically pleasing pot for your home, plus a functional pot hidden inside.  

For My Planties Cover Pots range comes without drainage holes and fits standard 140mm grower’s pots. Your green-leafed friends will sit perfectly snug and beautifully transformed!  You’ll also love the clean aesthetic as For My Planties Cover Pots do not require matching saucers. Plus, the ease of repotting your growing planties is a wild bonus! 

For My Planties Cover Pots will also treat your planties to improved air flow. And if you change your mind often (like we do) you can swap your planties between cover pots for a new look or to rotate for additional sunlight.

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