Hand Painted Wooden Earrings with Triple Moon Symbol

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Hand Painted on 3 Wooden Discs. Stained Brown Base with Lighter Brown middle base & black upper with Triple Moon painted in white. All disks are clear coated for protection and sheen. 

Measures approx 4cm across base disk. The drop is 6cm from top of hook to base of largest disk.

Very Light Weight.

The Triple Moon Symbol is meticulously hand painted using a fine paint brush. As such, this means each symbol is unique and will not exactly match the other, although I do try. But this is the beauty of being hand crafted. Perfectly Imperfect!

The symbol of the Triple Moon is also known as The Triple Goddess Symbol.  As Luna/Moon represents The Feminine. The symbol is depicted often as "Maiden, Mother, Crone.  The three cycles of life. The Goddess also associated with the Triple moon is Hecate.

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