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•Amber & Musk•

Top: bergamot, grapefruit

Middle: violet, oakmoss

Base: black pepper, white musk 

•Ambered Sandalwood•

Top: amber, sandalwood

Middle: musk, precious woods, resins 

Base: cedarwood 

•Ancient Charm•

A seductive & romantic fragrance that hits your soul with notes of jasmine, heliotrope, sandalwood & vanilla.

•Angel Wings•

Top: citron, grapefruit, bergamot
Middle: cinnamon, geranium
Base: vanilla, sandalwood, musk

•Australian Bush•

Top: lemon, pine needle

Middle: eucalyptus, lemon myrtle 

Base: patchouli, sandalwood 

•Bohemian Dream•

Top: neroli & fir needle

Middle: coconut husk, lily of the valley, rosewood

Base: musk, woody, rose petals

•Dragons Blood•

An incense-like blend of patchouli, clove and fir needle.

•Egyptian Amber•

Top: grapefruit, orange

Middle: jasmine, lavender

Base: sandalwood, vanilla

•Frankincense & Myrrh•

Top: cinnamon, nutmeg

Middle: balsam, frankincense

Base: patchouli, sandalwood

•Jasmine Petals & Incense•

Top: mimosa, lemon

Middle: ylang ylang, rhubarb, jasmine petals, coconut

Base: brown sugar, incense, sweet musk, patchouli

•Moon Lake Musk•

Top: mandarin, grapefruit

Middle: orris, fern

Base: musk, jasmine

•Nag Champa•

Top: cinnamon bark

Middle: earthy, patchouli

Base: amber, woody

•Oakmoss & Amber•

Top: orange, grapefruit

Middle: lavender, oakmoss

Base: amber, sandalwood 

•Suede Musk & Vetiver•

This blend of incense vetiver clary sage & lavender connect to create a sensual leathery suede character that smells elegant masculine & sexy.

•Tibetan Temple•

Top: black pepper, bay leaf

Middle: lavender, incense 

Base: musk, blackwood 

•Tibetan Trance• 

Orange Jasmine is a delicate white flower with a strong sweet smell resembling orange blossoms.

•Vanilla Patchouli Sandalwood•

Top: bergamot, lemon peel

Middle: cedarwood, patchouli

Base: vanilla, white musk

•Vanilla & Sandalwood•

Top: lime, grapefruit

Middle: orchid, jasmine

Base: sandalwood, vanilla

•Soy Wax Sample 15g

•Soy Wax Snap Bar 55g

•Diffuser Fragrance Oil 5ml

•The majority of our soy wax melt bars are decorated with mica powder, coloured dye & biodegradable glitter.

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