Dream Catcher Wall Art "The Elders"

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“The Elders” are lovingly hand crafted using natural & recycled materials.The branch is sanded, coated for protection & embellished with Amethyst. All Dream Catchers are woven with natural hand spun yarn and decorated with various gemstones. Feathers are a mix of Pheasant and Owl. Tiny Mirror pieces top the Dream Catchers mirroring light & reflection. There is a Red Thread that runs through the whole peace connecting the Dreamers together just as our Blood Line connects us to our Ancestors.The Elders are ancient holders of great wisdom, compassion, light and love. They walk among us, guiding, teaching and protecting us at this time of great change. They offer strength and encouragement to each and every one of us. Asking us to trust our inner wisdom now more than ever. It is time to rebuild our world from the inside out.These Ancient Ones from the higher realms are at the ready and waiting to help when we are ready to ask.And so it is, Blessed Be.

Please Note:- Due to the size of this art piece, it is only available to Brisbane Customers. It will be pick up only by purchaser or hand delivered by me at prearranged cost.Thank you.

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