Dream Catcher Wall Art - "Midnight Blue"

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“Midnight Blue” Dream Catcher Wall Art is hand crafted with Strangler Vine & a small branch that are both clear coated for protection. The crystals are Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz point and Raw Apatite. Midnight Blue has a very cooling and soothing energy to help calm us in times of stress.Both Lapis Lazuli and Apatite Crystals are said to be useful & healing for the throat and third eye chakras. They encourage the development of deeper states of meditation & reflection and can provide inner clarity, peace and oneness with the higher-self. Clear Quartz Crystal is a powerful amplifier and protector. It is considered and referred to worldwide as the “Universal Crystal” and “Master Healer”.(Measures: Width 40cm, Length 100cm)

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