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•Banana Paddle Pop•

Smells just like the delicious ice cream.

•Birthday Cake•

Rich vanilla, pure cane sugar & topped with a smooth & creamy white frosting. 

•Bubble O Bill•

Creamy & delicious ice cream fragrance.

•Buttered Popcorn•

Smells just like freshly popped popcorn.

•Fruit Loops•

Top: lemon zest, lime

Middle: lemongrass, lily of the valley

Base: vanilla, malt

•Havana Banana Cupcake•

Decident caramel & banana swirled through cake absolutely scrumptious.

•Lemon Meringue•

Top: lime, lemon

Middle: buttermilk, coconut

Base: vanilla, heliotrope

•Lucky Charms•

Top: crisp pear, apple

Middle: floral, condensed milk

Bottom: vanilla, sugar, velvet woods

•Mint Slice•

Top: mint, spearmint

Middle: coconut, sweet biscuit

Base: dark chocolate

•Pink Apple & Vanilla Frosting•

Top: pomegranate, sugar cane 

Middle: pink apple, mint leaf 

Base: vanilla bean, malt

•Pistachio Ice Cream•

Top: buttermilk, lemon
Middle: pistachio, sugar cane
Base: vanilla, malt

•Salted Peanut Caramel Tart•

Top: peanut, popcorn

Middle: butter, chocolate biscuit

Base: tonka bean, caramel, coconut


Creamy vanilla mixed with citrus lime such a yummy combination.

•Sugar Cookie•

Homely & delicious scent of fresh baked cookies.

•Toffee Apple•

Top: blackcurrant, green apple, melon

Middle: maple syrup, sweet candy, jasmine

Base: vanilla sugar

•Soy Wax Snap Bar 55g

•The majority of our soy wax melt bars are decorated with mica powder, coloured dye & biodegradable glitter.

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