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Looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gift for someone special? Or perhaps you would simply love to spoil yourself? Please contact me to PERSONALISE or CUSTOMISE your own unique handwoven pine needle basket with a gem/healing stone or object of your choosing.

My baskets are handwoven using hundreds of dried longleaf pine needles which I collect myself. After they are collected, pine needles are then dried and cured in the sun for a few months (until they are a brown to sunburnt colour), then washed thoroughly in boiling water to free them of dirt or other organic matter. Each pine needle is then carefully handpicked, the best chosen to be woven into each basket one by one. Baskets are stitched together using sewing sinew. For baskets with the addition of sculptural elements, I use a combination of cotton wrapping, Japanese / Czech seed and other beads. Around the outside rim, I use my handmade Lumina Porcelain shell / leaf beads.

Although delicate, each basket has been sealed with beeswax and clear lacquer for durability, and comes with a hemp hook on the back, so it can also be hung on the wall. Each basket is completely unique, each has its own story to tell and no two are ever the same.

PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST to find out what stones I currently have in stock and to discuss ideas. Alternatively, if you have a stone or an object which holds personal meaning or value to you which you would like me to use, if it has a relatively flat surface on one of its facets, it can be woven into the centre a basket.

SMALL basket will be approximately 8cm tall x 12cm diameter (3.1” tall x 4.7” diameter).
MEDIUM basket will be approximately 9cm tall x 18cm in diameter (3.5” tall x 7.1” diameter).
LARGE basket will be approximately 10cm tall x 24cm diameter (3.9” tall x 9.4” diameter).
EXTRA LARGE basket will be approximately 12cm tall x 28cm diameter (4.7” tall x 11” diameter).

PLEASE NOTE the baskets pictured are EXAMPLES ONLY to inspire you and NOT currently for sale.

Please allow for about 6-8 weeks for the basket to be made. Time depends on the complexity of the basket; to give you an idea, it takes an about 60-80 hours in total to complete a basket from start to finish (including the gathering and preparation of materials, weaving, drying, curing and sealing) – not in one sitting of course!

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