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These 2 Reversible Octos (1 green and 1 pink) are perfect for children who struggle to explain their emotions or ask for help.
These can be used within a classroom setting or even at home!

See images for the flip sides.

These Octos have been lovingly designed and crocheted over a number of hours, so that they can be turned inside out to the face that matches where the user identifies at a given time. It can then be sat on their desk, or held to show an adult.

How you specifically use this is up to you and the child in question, and what their needs or goals are.

For example -
the light, happy face side could mean: "I'm happy/content", "you can approach/I'm fine to talk", or "I don't need support at the moment"
The darker, sad face side could therefore mean: "I'm sad/upset/angry/...."  ; "Do NOT approach/I don't want to talk"; or "I need support/help please!"

As someone who works in Learning Support, I can say that these are great tools to use for non-verbal communication between staff and students! 

Materials: 100% organic cotton and stuffing

Care: Gentle hand or machine wash.

Size: 11cm diameter;  6.5cm height
Weight: Pink- 52g; green 54g.

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