Cherry Quartz Willow Gem Tree already made

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This beautiful Handmade Cherry Quartz Willow Gem Tree has 45 Gems and is made with Cherry Quartz and Gold Coloured Tarnish Resistant Copper wire.

Cherry Quartz
A very positive manmade stone and helps bring you into alignment with your true feelings, especially if you've been stuffing them down, or lying to yourself. Its glass-inspired properties help you to self reflect in an honest, pure way. It helps heal grief and sadness, and helps bring healing in a gentle nurturing way. Its pink colour carries no negative emotions. 
Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus 
Zodiac: Taurus and Libra 
“I need not fill every moment with activity” 

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Each Tree is handmade by me and unique so each tree is between 9-12cm tall from bottom of the pot to tips of branches. Depending on the base used (coloured pots are more likely to be on the 9-10cm tall side)

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