Captivating Silk Shibori Artwork | Canvas “Pelagic”

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Captivating Shibori Wall Art bY HaND 
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Bespoke hand dyed & painted utilising traditional shibori techniques, mixed medium original canvas artwork.  

Kumo bound and manipulated textile of hand loomed, pure Eri Silk to create an enchanting piece of Art bY HaND for your home. 

All creations are air dried in the beautiful fresh, sea breeze of Moreton Bay, Qld with the beach on our back doorstep. 

•  Dimensional Artwork

•  100% Hand Loomed off white Eri Silk

•  40cm x 50cm gallery edge canvas 

•  Sealed

•  Acrylic

•  Indigo & Fabric Pigment

About this piece:

“Pelagic” is inspired by our ever enchanting Ocean Floors and created using the finest material to do justice to its mystique & allure. 

Made from Eri Silk, which is also known as Peace Silk or Ahimsa because the silk worms are allowed to complete their life cycle and leave their cocoons as a moth. This silk is preferred by Buddhists and Vegans due to its ecological sustainability. Unlike Mulberry and Tussah silk  where the silk worm spins a continuos filament, the Eri cocoons are made up of short filaments which are cut and spun like cotton, however this delicate textile is woven from silk yarn handspun straight from the cocoon by specialised weavers.

If you have a natural affinity for the Ocean & its captivating beauty, this unique piece is a stunning addition to your home 🙌

 Michaela xx

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