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Welcome to the world of Balloon Balls. 

Balloon Balls are a great gift idea for all ages & are also very practical. Great for children who are not keen on balloons (sensory issues) & also for anyone with latex allergies. Created using 100% quilting quality fabrics, it is perfect for both indoors or outdoors activities & are fully machine washable with line dry. Pop into your bag & take to the park/beach, or keep in a draw for a rainy day or when the grandkids come over.

Balloon Ball comes ready to use & includes 1x Balloon. The picture showing the back/bottom of the ball where the balloon goes in, is shown with the balloon sticking out slightly for visual purposes only and can be & meant to be fully tucked inside to hide the balloon completely.

Styles Explained:

  • Solid print: Is the full ball made of a single fabric print.
  • Two tone: Is a combination of 2 different fabric prints that are complimentary to each other. Usually 1 fabric print will be on the top of the ball and the other design will be on the bottom. but always see pictures for further descriptions.
  • Tri Style: Is a combination of 3 different prints that are complimentary to each other. the prints are generally on opposite sides of the ball to each other but sometimes can be also set next to each other creating a much larger looking panel. Tops and bottoms will vary for these and please see pictures for descriptions.
  • Rainbow Style: Rainbow style is either 6 panels designed specifically to be the rainbow or will be 6 various pieces of complimentary prints. 
  • Taggie: Taggies are a range of ribbons that are triple stitched into place for added security. Generally there are about 9 tags per ball in various colour combinations.  Always check tags after use to ensure quality and supervision is always recommended.

How to use:

Simply insert balloon into the bottom opening. Blow it up & tie the end off.You can tuck the end back into the ball which will hide it away.If you need to remove the balloon due to popping or slow deflation then simply remove from the inside of balloon & replace with a new one. All the pieces will be kept safely inside & away from little fingers & mouths.You will be surprised at how bouncy a balloon can be once it is blown up like this. It is also rather difficult to pop a balloon once it is blown up inside the ball (compared to it not being in the ball). It is more likely to deflate slowly. You will find that for the smaller toddlers not blowing it up fully will be more fun for them as they can grab a hold of it easier or buy one of our Taggie varieties where you can hang it from say the roof, or onto their pram or link it to taggie links etc.

Various age uses

  • Birth: Visual stimulant
  • 3-9mths: Tummy time, encourages movement to crawling etc. (great age to add a few spoons of rice or water to the balloon before blowing it up to give it a little bit of weight to slow the ball down for new crawlers) 
  • 9mths-2yrs: Helps encourage gross motor skills & catching/kicking 
  • 2-10yrs : More fun as skills are refined & explored. Adding various things such as uncooked rice or a small amount of water etc, then continue to blow up the balloon, you will get a variety of effects from musical shakey sounds of the rice to the ball rolling in fun and various ways as the water inside moves and rolls the ball. This creates unique and fun variations to the traditional ball and is limited only by your imagination. 

*Note: As with any toy we do recommend PARENTAL SUPERVISION during use AT ALL TIMES.

Please Note: Due to the unique creation of each ball, Pattern placement & exact colour may vary slightly with each ball. If you need something specific then please message us & we will do our best if fabric is available to custom create for you. Thanks.

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