Australian Handmade Oval Serving Platter - Azure Harmony

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Presenting our Australian Handmade Azure Harmony Oval Serving Platter - a sublime fusion of artistry and function, designed to grace your table with elegance and sophistication. The name encapsulates the essence of this piece, where the serene and cool tones of azure hues blend seamlessly with the warmth of the chosen clay.

Our Azure Harmony platter is a unique work of art, showcasing the careful interplay of blues to create a tranquil and captivating turtle shell effect. The name conjures images of clear skies and peaceful waters, capturing the essence of the platter's visual appeal.

The oval shape of the platter adds a touch of grace, providing a versatile canvas for presenting your culinary creations. Azure Harmony is more than a serving dish; it's a statement of refined taste and an invitation to elevate your dining experience.

Handmade on the Sunshine Coast
Made from Midfire Warm Clay
Handwashing recommended
Each piece is handmade therefore uniquely individual with its shape and finish

Platter measures 30cm x 28cm in diameter.

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