Astrid Viking Princess Art Doll

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Astrid - Viking Princess
Entirely Handknitted by me (Carol), using mostly acrylic yarns, and enhanced with pieces of broken (vintage) jewellery. 
I have created Astrid as an ART DOLL ONLY.  She is not suitable for young children, nor does she appreciate rough play. However, she is the perfect companion to sit with you in your "Good Room" as you read a book or relax with a glass of wine. 
Her eyes have beautiful eyelashes attached, which give her a sweet look.  These plastic eyes are "safety eyes", which means they are backed with a plastic washer to prevent pulling through - BUT!! please DO NOT give to young children, so as to prevent a possible choking hazard.
Her jewellery is vintage and has been individually hand-sewn on.  
Her hair is made from thick strands of acrylic fibre, individually knotted at each end to create a plaited hairstyle.  One of these plaits at the front has a silver-toned ornamental fish sewn into it.
Her helmet is knitted in a neutral-coloured acrylic yarn, which is speckled with a lovely turquoise thread throughout.  I have edged her helmet with a soft faux fur yarn, add have added two pointed studs at the crown.  Centre of the helmet is a lovely statement piece of jewellery (created from a vintage earring).
Her boots are topped with faux fur and are closed with a plaited lace.
Under her dress she is wearing long panties, to keep her modesty (and because it is cold in the Northlands!!).
She is stuffed with (new) Hobby-fill, acrylic stuffing.
Her hands have fingers and thumbs, intricately handknitted.  
Her legs are long and are dangly - great for posing, sitting or crossing over as she sits.
Sitting - 30 cm (12 inches)
Stretched out - top of head to base of shoes: 50 cm (20 inches)
I have added an additional photo (2nd from last) to show Astrid with my other Viking - Olaf.  Olaf is also for sale (separately) in my shop.
I have created this Art Doll in a smoke-free and pet-free environment, here on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.
Watch a short video of Astrid - click link below.... 
Astrid, Viking Princess - YouTube

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