Art Doll - Cedric the Woodland Dweller

Made by Lady Woolfe

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Cedric the Woodland Dweller, and his friend, Harry the Hedghog (2-doll set)
 These two dolls are entirely hand-knitted (by Me) and are OOAK (One of a Kind)..........
Cedric and Harry are inseparable.  They live together underneath the toes of the ancient Fig Trees, down in the Woodlands.  Cedric loves to spend his days musing upon such things as - "Has anyone ever actually 'seen' the wind?" - or "Why is the sky blue, and actually, how high is the sky?!"
He befriended young Harry the Hedgehog after meeting him one stormy afternoon in the Woodlands.  They were both seeking shelter under the umbrella of the old Fig Trees.  Harry was a sorry sight, all bedraggled, and indeed Cedric himself was not so great either.
Together they huddled, as the storm raged around them, discussing the importance of such things as to "Why the weather indeed needed to weather!!"
Once the sun came out, they were so engrossed in their deep conversation that they did not even notice.  And ever since then, the two of them are never apart from each other.
Cedric does of course love to spoil Harry, with a bowl of warm milk every night, into which he always puts a few cubes of home-made honey-bread to soak.  This, to Harry, is bliss.
Harry Hedgehog is knitted in a mixture of wool and acrylic (loosely based on a pattern by Dot Pebbles).
Cedric is my own design.  His body is Cotton.  His clothes and hair are a mixture of wool and acrylic.
All his clothes (including his hat and shoes) are removeable.
He is stuffed with (new) acrylic fibre-fill.
Both dolls have plastic "safety" eyes - but please DO NOT give to young children unsupervised, as the eyes and buttons may cause a choking hazard.
These two Art Dolls are NOT TOYS. 
Cedric and Harry would much prefer the quiet life with you, sitting in your Good Room, upon a shelf, or cosied up on your sofa, as you read a book or two. 
Click link below to view a short video clip of Cedric in the wild..... 
CEDRIC Handmade Art Doll - YouTube

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