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Give your home a pop of uniqueness and style with this awesome and stylish BrightPot. 

Made with the fabulous and brightly coloured 'Scream and Shout design by Art By Bronwyn David and paired with an equally amazing 'Bursts of Colour' by Lillian Farag coordinating fabric. 

Bright Pots are reversible so use any colour way you prefer and this one is amazing in both fabric options.  How amazing would this one look in your home or perfect as a gift.  You can fold the top down or leave it up - the choice is yours.  

Don’t throw away those unstylish and boring plastic pots that plants come in, simply slip your BrightPot over the top and boom instant gorgeousness.  And less plastic wastage!  Just add a drip tray to protect the fabric.  These are ideally suited to indoor plants as the harsh sun may fade and damage the fabrics. 

BrightPots can also add a touch of style and colour to any room decor and can store toys, novels, cosmetics, jewellery, scrunchies, baby supplies, socks, stationary and just about anything else you can think of.   These also make a great gift basket - simply fill with a selection of items and you have a stunning gift ready to go.  

This item has been 100% handmade by me in my smoke free home studio in North Queensland.  I have done my best to accurately reflect the colours of the product in the photos, however the items may display differently on your device. 


Medium BrightPot – Approximate only

13cm x 13cm wide and 19cm high (unfolded).  I fold mine down approximately 2-3 cm however you can choose the fold width to suit you. 

Each item is handmade and may be slightly different in measurements (I’m talking only a few mm difference)

Your item will come flat for easy postage.  if you need to, you can give it a quick press with a warm iron and then it is ready to go. 

If you have any questions about this or any of my products, please reach out to me at littlerayofbright@outlook.com or via Instagram or Facebook.  

Thank you for shopping with Little Ray of Bright

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