74x18mm Wire-Wrapped Moss Agate Pendant

Made by 1:3 Art

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This captivating moss agate pendant captures the essence of a miniature flower garden trapped in stone. The swirling green and gray tendrils, reminiscent of moss under morning dew, are captured in a pendant of hand-wrapped copper. The warmth of the metal complements the stone's organic beauty, creating a unique piece that's both earthy and elegant.

Measuring 74x18mm, this pendant sits comfortably on your chest, ready to become a cherished everyday companion. It arrives strung on a sliding knot cord necklace, allowing you to adjust the length for a perfect fit. But beyond its stunning looks, moss agate holds a hidden secret: the patterns are not moss at all, but rather tendrils of minerals, offering a glimpse into the Earth's vibrant past. Wear this pendant not just for its beauty, but as a whisper of the planet's ancient stories.

Let this enchanting moss agate and copper pendant become a symbol of growth and renewal. Its captivating swirls echo the cycle of nature, reminding you to find strength and resilience even in the midst of change. It's a piece that invites contemplation, sparks conversation, and adds a touch of earthy magic to every outfit.

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