45x33mm Wire-Wrapped Blue Labradorite Pendant

Made by 1-3 Art

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Captivate the eye of every person you speak to, with the mesmerising depths of this exquisite piece. It features a brilliant blue labradorite cabochon, its colour shifting and shimmering like a celestial dance with every move you make. Wire-wrapped in warm copper, the cabochon's polished surface catches the light, revealing the deep blue trapped within its depths.

Did you know?
Labradorite's iridescent flash, called labradorescence, is caused by light interacting with microscopic layers within the stone, like tiny mirrors reflecting a kaleidoscope of colour.

More than just a fascinating gem, this 45x33mm pendant is a wearable work of art. The handcrafted copper wire curls and swirls, cradling the labradorite with delicate strength. Suspended on a sliding knot cord necklace, you can adjust the length for effortless style. Whether layered with other necklaces or worn solo, this piece will make a statement while whispering secrets of ancient glaciers and starry skies.

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