37x34mm Wire-Wrapped Polychrome Jasper Pendant

Made by 1:3 Art

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Captivate hearts and ignite curiosity with this mesmerising polychrome jasper pendant, a one-of-a-kind fusion of nature's artistry and mine! Cut from a slab of jasper, this 37x34mm gemstone depicts a dusty landscape.

Creatively wrapped in pure copper wire, the pendant transforms the jasper into an intriguing scene of a solitary tree landmarking the desolate landscape. The wire, itself an ancient symbol of protection and grounding, combined with the stone which is formed by the accumulation of volcanic ash and silica, depicts resilience against all odds. Polychrome Jasper, with its diverse and ever-changing patterns, was once believed to hold maps to undiscovered lands within its swirling depths. It's a reminder to embrace the ever-unfolding adventure of life, and allow your own inner compass to guide you towards untold wonders.

This stunning pendant arrives strung on an adjustable sliding knot cord necklace, ready to wear.

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