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6 Considerations for Selling Handmade Craft Online

4 Jun 2021 / 0 /

Whether you’re new to selling your own creations, or you’re a seasoned market stallholder, a move to start selling your art online offers a range of benefits over traditional selling methods , but business, no matter what kind, involves effort. Here’s where you should focus some of yours when starting out." title="6 Considerations for Selling Handmade Crafts Online

5-Step Financial Year Checklist for Your Handmade Business

18 May 2021 / 0 /

Award-winning Finance Broker, Business Strategist & Accountability Coach, Sarah Eifermann provides 5 practical steps you can take to prepare your handmade business – and your life – for the next financial year.

6 Common Pricing Mistakes & How to Price for Profit

7 May 2021 / 0 /

We all know cheaper is not always better, so why are a staggering 94% of women in business undercharging? Not only does offering the cheapest prices for your handmade goods not guarantee more sales, but it can even deter customers. Business Strategist, Melanie Miller explains how to avoid common pricing mistakes in your handmade business.