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6 Common Pricing Mistakes & How to Price for Profit

7 May 2021 / 0 /

We all know cheaper is not always better, so why are a staggering 94% of women in business undercharging? Not only does offering the cheapest prices for your handmade goods not guarantee more sales, but it can even deter customers. Business Strategist, Melanie Miller explains how to avoid common pricing mistakes in your handmade business.

5 Reasons Quality Photos are Important for Online Selling

21 Apr 2021 / 0 /

Improving your product imagery can completely transform your brand and your online business. Maker and photographer, Vicki Elle explains why product imagery is so important for selling your handmade products online.

5 Ways to use custom stamps in your handmade business

8 Apr 2021 / 0 /

Rubber stamps are an incredibly versatile and affordable tool for customising almost anything – making them particularly useful for small businesses with tight budgets. Here are 5 ways to use custom stamps in your handmade business.