Whispers of my Soul

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Made by Nessa Lovell

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This artwork is 42cm x 29.7cm (A3 size) unframed. Alcohol inks on yupo paper, sealed with Kamar Varnish.

Infused with Purification and Dream Catcher essential oil blends from Young Living.

When we are around other people all the time, it can be difficult to identify our own needs and wants amongst those of others.

If you have a lot of undefined centres in your Human Design chart, it may be especially important for you to have solitude. You may find yourself engaging in other people’s fears, absorbing and amplifying their emotions, or feeling their aches and pains. Alone time allows you to sort yours from theirs, and let theirs go. It allows you to tune into your own feelings, identity and direction.

When you give yourself that space and clean out whatever isn’t yours, your people will enjoy a much more authentic version of you. You get to be who YOU are, not the sum total of all the people you have been spending time with.

This piece is a reminder to intentionally set aside that time for your own self care.

‘I honour my need for alone time, so that I can hear the whispers of MY soul.’ Infused with Purification and Dream Catcher blends from Young Living.

If this piece is calling you, message me for the details.

Nessa xxx

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