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There is a meaningful story behind these beautiful decorations. First of all, they're 100% handmade. The porcelain bases are made by the talented, fellow Madeit maker, Cecelia of Novice Ceramics. Secondly, for me as the painter, they reflect the colours of Australian hills and countryside. It's the feel of the hills, the wide expanse and the coloured sky of our vast land that captures me.
I asked Cecelia what she thought and they prompted a memory for her: "...(they) remind me of the rolling hillside of our old property in Westbury, Tasmania. It sat on a hill and overlooked different fields that were divided by big old Hawthorn hedges, white flowering trees and cherry blossom trees. They were used for various purposes and looked different during different seasons. Some were used for potato planting, others for grazing, some had red poppies and the colours varied according to the purpose and season. But the highest hills at the top were the Western Tiers and they were always snow capped except in late spring & summer." It meant so much to me that my artwork could inspire such a specific and precious memory. With Cecelia's permission, the decorations are therefore called the 'Western Tiers Medallions.'

They may spark a different memory for you. You're welcome to share your memory or reflections with me at any time via my social media pages - www.facebook.com/kymcohandmade or www.instagram.com/kymcohandmade

Each medallion is handpainted with alcohol inks. Every medallion is different, as they are each painted individually. Turn each medallion in the light and see how the golden highlights shimmer. Each is painted gold on the back and edges, signed and dated on the back.

The beautiful handmade texture of unglazed porcelain is evident on the back.
Size - 5.5cm diameter round, 3mm thickness, plus length of hanging organza ribbon. Pictures form part of descriptin.

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Care instructions
Despite UV protection in the varnish, alcohol inks can fade if stored in direct sunlight. Please keep out of direct sunlight. Handle with care, the ceramic will break if dropped. The gold back can show fingerprints when handled, buff gently with a lint-free cloth to remove fingerprints.

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