Wall Art - Fibre Art - Wall Hanging - Plant-Dyed Fabric Panel #2

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57.5 x 61cm / 22.5 x 24 in naturally hand-dyed cotton wall art/fabric panel

Printed with grevillea robusta, pecan and oak leaves and bidens pilosa (a weed commonly known as Black Jack or Farmers Friend) giving yellowy greens, olive greens and pinkish oranges, brown and grey shades

Unfinished RAW edges (incl. one selvedge edge)

  • Frame it
  • tack up as a wall hanging as is, or
  • sew on a backing fabric and hanging tabs to create a wall hanging with a more finished look.
It could also work as a panel for a large cushion cover or anything else you want it to be! Embellish with embroidery if desired.

Eco-printing is a labour-intensive, natural dyeing process which involves bundling botanical materials with fabric (pre-treated with metal salts to take the natural dyes well). The bundles are then heated by steaming or simmering in water or other natural dyes to allow the dye pigments to transfer to the fabric.

Display out of direct sunlight for longest enjoyment of the natural dyes.

Colours may vary from pictures shown due to differences in display screens, etc.

Please note: to save on postage, fabric panel may be folded for postage. Simply iron on cotton setting to flatten out creases or folds.

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