Tiny Wheel-Thrown Ceramic Pot

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This tiny pot was made by me; first thrown on a full-sized potters wheel "off the hump", neatened and trimmed at the base by hand, then painted with pink, purple and blue glazes before being glaze fired. The piece has then also been decorated with copper coloured lustre and fired in the kiln a final time.

You can use it to hold tiny treasures, or simply place out for display. The vessel is glazed pink on the inside, so you can use it as a functional vase for a tiny bouquet of fresh flowers in water.

The piece is approximately 5cm tall. Colours shown in these images may vary slightly depending on lighting. Because of the copper lustre on the piece, it is not microwave safe.

Handmade in Melbourne.

I post pieces using a mixture of clean, recycled materials and new materials.

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