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Artwork Tittle & Original Statement: 'The Watchman' (A Wedge Tailed Eagle on Bruny - Tasmania) Copyright 2020

The man is hiding and waiting, his finger on the trigger...
The Watchman has landed for a meal, hungry but patient, he never lets his guard down.
The man is patient too, and determined, and now is the time, the trigger is pulled...
The Watchman is not dupe, at the faint sound of the trigger, he turns his frowning eyes
to the man’s hiding place, all feathers inflated with pride, and then, makes his move...
Nevertheless, the man wins, a smile on his face, satisfied, he turns away with his
precious picture trophy...
...and The Watchman flies free another day!
The Artist

The piercing look and attitude of this Wedge tailed Eagle moved me to imagine and depict a brief but thrilling encounter of a different sort of Hunter & his Trophy. And this proved to be the inspiration for this portrait artwork.
The Wedge Tailed Eagle’s raised neck feathers were obviously the focus as was the ‘S’ curved pattern of his lighter feathers all the way from his neck down to his wings.
As I imagined this wonderful encounter between man and bird - I also paused and reflected on the much less fortunate & unlawful encounters some of these protected birds have with some farmers who rightly or wrongly blame the loss of their lambs to the Wedge Eagle’s claws.
In 2018 the discovery of the poisoned remains of 406 of these birds in an area of East Victorian bushland, all killed by the same person, shocked the conservation movement that has long strived to protect this iconic Australian Raptor.

From Original Pen & Ink Artwork by Frederic Moschberger.

Visit my Instagram Account: www.instagram.com/inkstreamart (look for the timelapse videos in my posts).

The original artwork was all done by ink stippling, or dotwork, and Lines drawing.

Photo Reference used for the original Artwork: Courtesy of Alfred Schulte - www.fotowarkstee.de
Archival Giclée Prints on Chromajet Photo/Fine Art Matt 230gsm.

Signed & Dated by the Artist.

Small & Large shipped flat in tough mailing envelope, A2 XLarge Lim.Ed. shipped in mail tube.

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