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Tittle of the Artwork: ‘The Wanderer’ - Eastern Quoll (or native cat - Dasyurus viverrinus) - Copyright 2023

There are two types of quolls in Tasmania, the Eastern Quoll (Dasyurus viverrinus) and the Spotted-tailed Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus). Eastern Quolls are almost exclusively found in Tasmania, besides a small re-introduction habitat in Victoria. Quolls use a wide range of habitats. They are known to use tree hollows, rock crevices, fallen logs, and underground burrows for shelter during the day, and go out alone to hunt at night.  Unfortunately, these cute creatures of the night have been subject to dramatic declines in populations over the years. The eastern quoll and spotted quoll are listed as ‘endangered’ and ‘vulnerable. The best way to protect quolls is to maintain native vegetation, conserve hollow logs and manage feral predators.

From Original Pen & Ink Artwork by Frederic Moschberger.

Photo Reference used for the original Artwork: Courtesy of Susie from 'Wild Hearts Rescue', Registered wildlife carer in Lutruwita/Tasmania, Australia

Visit my Instagram Account: www.instagram.com/inkstreamart (look for the timelapse videos in my posts).

Photo Reference used for the original Artwork: Courtesy of Kevin Kucks, Photographer, Tasmania, Australia.

The original artwork was all done by ink stippling, or dotwork, and Lines drawing.

Archival Giclée Prints on Chromajet Photo/Fine Art Matt 230gsm.

Signed & Dated by the Artist.

Small & Large shipped flat in tough mailing envelope, A2 XLarge Lim.Ed. shipped in mail tube.

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