Romantic dinner, acrylic and gloss on stretched canvas, 61x41cm, ready to hang, signed

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 Romantic dinner 

Acrylic and gloss on stretched canvas , 61x41cm , signed at the front, ready to hang . 

Here’s where two elegantly dressed bunnies enjoy a romantic dinner in the a blooming garden. 

The centerpiece of their table is a vase of wildflowers, lovingly painted to bring a touch of nature's beauty . 

As she starts with the dessert, he contemplates his choice with a glass of fine wine at front of him, surrounded by pots of flowers and softly glowing hanging lanterns.

The detailed and serene setting speaks of a private and magical night, capturing the essence of love . 

This painting was inspired by the idea of creating a perfect, peaceful evening, where the simplicity of nature meets the sophistication of a romantic dinner. 

I’m hoping that my passion for blending whimsical elements with real emotions shines through here , making “Romantic dinner " a delightful addition to any art collection.

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