Oval Pendant

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This necklace has been created from layers of polymer clay, and is mounted on brass coloured square metal tube. The pendant measures 10cm w x 8 cm h (including metal), and is strung onto gold coloured 1mm tiger tail, and secured with a metallic clasp.

Polymer clay is a type of hardenable modeling clay with the consistency of plasticine it its raw state. It is cured in an oven, then sanded, and may be finished by polishing and buffing, or coating with a glaze.

As polymer clay is PVC based, it is light and durable to wear. As all plastics, it does soften slightly if it gets overly warm, so I do not advise putting buttons in hot water or a clothes dryer.

I use Kato Poly Clay as I have found the colours more intense and it is more durable when baked.

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