Origami cranes - Frame Family of 4

Made by Pavlovas Garden

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Perfect as a representation of your beautiful family of 4.

These are completely customizable, as a family of 4. whether that is one parent and three children, two parents and two children, three parents and one child, or just four children.

Inner mounting board is stamped with "my reason to smile".

Please indicate in the comment box when ordering:
- the number of adults and what colours they represent,
- the number of children and what colours they represent.

Hand folded origami cranes in a shadow box. Size A5

These cranes have been carefully hand folded and are made using genuine Japanese Yuzen origami paper. They contain glass beads and one Swarovski crystal bead. Yuzen paper, also known as Chiyogami or Washi paper are made from a base paper consisting of mulberry (kozo) fibers and wood pulp. These Yuzen papers are still made by hand in Japan! The printing of these elaborate designs is particularly labor intensive as it involves overlaying each colour by silk screening allowing drying time in between each layer. Sometimes 5 to 6 separate colour overlays are required with the final layer usually gold. The pigment-based inks used in Yuzen produce vibrant, rich colour that are durable and not prone to fading.

Size of the frame is 22.5 x 17.5cm

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