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The perfect combination for adventures with baby, or for a small human or let's be fair, even for yourself at the pool or gym! Both bags are water resistant and will keep your wet stuff wet, and your dry stuff dry for several hours.

As a nappy pod, this bag will accommodate 4 to 6 clean nappies, with a front zip compartment for wipes etc. Alternatively, as a swim bag, it will fit bathers, goggle and a swim towel. 

These bags have so many uses - use them for swimming lessons, a trip down to the beach, a spare 'change-of-clothes' bag, dirty clothes, toiletries and so much more!

Made out of high quality water-resistant PUL (Polyurethane laminate) which has a lovely soft feel! They have a zipper closures and include a handy strap with snaps so you can keep both hands free, or attach them to your backpack/pram etc. 

Easy to clean, just pop them in the washing machine (cold wash, do not tumble dry).

Nappy pod dimensions = 29cm wide, 18cm high and 14cm deep
Wet bag dimensions = 21cm wide, 23cm high

Note - these products are water resistant, not water proof - wring out wet items a bit before popping into the bags, or wrap super wet clothes in a damp towel to prevent seepage.

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