Moss Swiper Mittens for Readers - Medium

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This is a ready-made pair of my Moss Design Swiper mittens. There is a clever little slit at the side of the pointer finger on both hands that allow you to slip it out, turn the page or swipe your device and pop back in to keep warm!

These are medium women's size with hand length of 18.5cm and circumference of 18cm. They are very stretchy though so if your hand is slightly wider than 18cm, they would actually fit perfectly.

They are made with Cleckheaton Country Naturals yarn, a soft tweed yarn with flecks of colour made from a blend of Australian wool, acrylic and viscose.The wrist colour is actually a very deep navy, not quite black.

If you would prefer something custom made to fit your hand measurements, I also do custom made-to-measure mittens.

Care Instructions
Machine washable on handwash cold setting. However, I would advise handwashing them in gentle detergent, roll and squeeze in a towel to remove excess water then lay flat to dry.
Please note that as they are handmade, the ends of the yarn may show over time, simply trim close to the mitten. If in doubt, just drop me a message and I can advise what to do.The tags are made of faux suede and are sewn on separately so easily removed by carefully cutting the thread.

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